All County Tone-Out
By Pittman Center Community Volunteers
October 23, 2020

This morning we had an “All County Tone-Out”. The first one I’ve ever experienced.

Every department, both paid and volunteer sent manpower and equipment to the custom wood factory on Highway 73 in Cosby. Pitman Center even provided mutual aid and played a major role.

Men and women from different departments and agencies working together seamlessly to accomplish the mission.

Cocke County Firefighters led by Captain Mitch Holdway were able to jump in early with Cosby Fire and keep flame and water contained to one portion of the building, saving 75% of the structure and the most expensive tools and machinery.

Chief Walt Cross from Grassy Fork oversaw and participated in the shuttling of water from the hydrant that was a mile away.

Chief Deputy Woods kept the drone in the air and advised Incident Command of flame and hot spots. Everyone played a critical role today.

A special shout out to our County Dispatchers as this was not the only event we had going on. At the same time, our Dispatchers coordinated a second fire, a disabled vehicle on I-40 with a ruptured fuel tank, a motor vehicle accident requiring a life flight helicopter and an industrial hazmat spill.

This is an extraordinary collection of people we have serving us!


Hyperlinks: Cocke County Emergency Management Agency Facebook Post